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  • Increase the frequency your customers buy from you
  • Revive “Dead Customers” you thought were gone forever
  • Use the “60x60 Rule” to increase revenue from each purchase
  • Raising the perceived value of your offer so you can sell for higher prices
  • And much, much more!

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Hi! I'm Paul Lemberg. I'm a business coach, consultant and advisor living and working steps from the beach in Encinitas, California.

I have helped businesses around the world ranging in size from $84,000 all the way to $23 BILLION! In the process, we've created hundreds of millions in additional profits for my SMALL BUSINESS CLIENTS alone!

I work directly with CEOs and business owners to rapidly increase their revenues, bottom-line profits, and the value of their companies by transforming their marketing, their product mix, their capital structure, their operations and systems, and their entire financial position.

For years I struggled to find repeatable processes that could be systematized to give my business and my clients’ businesses financial stability.

Then I discovered how making small incremental changes to my business that took very little time could have a huge impact on my profits and those of my clients.

Now, I have consistent cash flow I can count on and am able to easily sleep at night without worrying about how my business is going to generate the money I need to live the stress-free life I always wanted.​

Plus, I've helped my clients get the same results time and time again!

For the last 15 years, I have used these comprehensive techniques to create...

an Extra $450,000,000 for my small business clients.(You read that right, 450 Million Dollars!)

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 “Here’s what happened: in the first year, training and product sales were up 89% and profits grew 292%. In the second year, with a little more tuning sales went up a total of 122% and overall profits jumped a CRAZY 950%.” 

Bob Negan

“Last year I went from wondering if my company was going to make it, to doubling my revenue while working less. Just two months into this year, we have already booked enough work to quadruple our revenues (400% gain) and will double again before the year is out.”

Captain Steven W. Harden

“Using Paul’s techniques sales results for my Dutch manuals are amazing. I've sold +78.7% compared to last year. I almost can't believe this. I've added 37.5% to my bottom-line!”

Jan Heering

“My profits increased 36% in a down economy and a competitive market and much of that is due to following your system.”

Gregory Jay White

“Conversions went from a pretty average 2-3% to 8-15%. Turnover has increased by a little over 250%, and net profit has gone up by about 275% Last year we did $170k, this year, based on the changes we made with Paul’s help, we should do around $500k. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

A.J. Silvers

“As a result of applying your coaching and methodology to systemizing our sales process we tripled the effectiveness of our sales force and expanded the business from $6,000,000 to a run-rate exceeding $18,000,000!”

John Stetter

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