Is Roller Coaster Cash Flow Keeping You Awake at Night?

Are You Worried that You Will Never Be Able to Retire,
Sell Your Business, or Send Your Kids to College?

You are not alone!

Profit control is a common struggle for many entrepreneurs. There are over 3 dozen ‘levers’ you can pull in your business, and you MUST pull at least some of them to be successful.

But I can help make the process a LOT easier with small changes in your business that don’t take a lot of time!

If you’re like many of the clients I’ve helped, you might be concerned about:

  • How you can increase profit margins
  • How to keep competitors from stealing potential customers
  • Whether your business is truly profitable
  • How you can raise prices without chasing away customers
  • If you’ll be able to meet payroll and retain great employees
  • If you’ll have enough new clients or customers to meet your revenue goals
  • How to find time to implement anything new to help your business grow

You might even believe some of these common “Emotional Business Myths”...

  • There is a “magic button” that I can push to solve all of my problems
  • I can implement this “one thing” to bring a flood of customers and revenue, and retire young
  • I can simply copy someone else’s techniques and be wildly successful… even if I don’t have their experience, skills, or personality
  • How you can raise prices without chasing away customers
  • If you’ll be able to meet payroll and retain great employees
  • If you’ll have enough new clients or customers to meet your revenue goals
  • How to find time to implement anything new to help your business grow

NONE of these “myths” are true!
Not even close!

Hi, I'm Paul Lemberg.

I’ve advised owners of businesses with brand-new startups, all the way to $23 billion behemoths.  In the process, I’ve created an additional $450 million dollars in profits for my SMALL BUSINESS CLIENTS alone. (That’s the equivalent of several billion in new sales.)

I work directly with CEOs and founders to rapidly increase their revenues, bottom-line profits, and the value of their companies by transforming their marketing, their product mix, their capital structure, their operations and systems, and their entire financial position.

For years I struggled to find sweeping solutions that would take care of ALL my clients’ growth problems in one shot, but always ended up overly complex and hard-to-implement business systems and processes. 

Then I discovered how making small incremental changes that were easy to implement and took very little time - THESE were the ones that had the greatest impact on my clients’ profits.

And it SHOULD be the simplest things that have the biggest impact. Complexity isn’t your friend in business.

Now, my clients have consistent cash flow they can count on. And they easily sleep at night without worrying about how their business is going to generate money. They live the stress-free life they always wanted. 

And while they sleep, I help new clients get the same results time and time again.

Of course you could make all these discoveries yourself by...…

  • Talking with thousands of business owners to uncover what actually works
  • Figuring out how to apply what worked for them in a way that will also work for your business
  • Testing different approaches to see if they will have the same impact on your business
  • Experimenting to learn the best order to implement these strategies yourself
  • Learning how to actually follow through on execution without a solid plan in place to guide you

And you just might be able to do all that if you have boatloads of free time in your business to dedicate to this... But I’m willing to bet that you don’t!

So what you can expect is sleepless nights, 12+ hour days, anxiety, stress, and all that comes with it - a weakened immune system, possibly depression.

It’s not uncommon for hair loss to occur. Bad habits develop. And the bottom line either stays still, or begins to decline. Food starts tasting like ash. The numbness sets in after a few months.

And then many fall to the bottle. They wanted to run their own business, they did.

And if you have a family, you need to provide for them. What good is a man who can’t keep the lights on?

The risks of entrepreneurship seem obvious when it concerns other people - but when it’s us, we have blind spots. And bankruptcy is as close as one bad client. One accident. One slip-up. And the ship sinks...

But it DOESN’T have to be that way!

We like to say, “The system is brilliant so you don’t have to be.”  

Don’t figure out a better way. Don't build a better mousetrap. Don’t be brilliant. 

Simply follow the steps and the process will work

You don’t have to be a genius - you just have to take action, and be consistent.

You might be wondering, “What are the steps in implementing Formula 5?”

They are...  

  1. 1
    A strong value proposition that leads to strong pricing that leads to strong margins and strong profits
  2. 2
    A growing stream of leads and business opportunities
  3. 3
    A system to consistently and affordably convert leads into paying customers
  4. 4
    A way to fully monetize customers instead of selling just one thing one time
  5. 5
    Effectiveness and efficiency so that people get enough done day in and day out

Formula 5 is built on the Law of Compounding which says that if you have five interrelated things in your business you wish to improve, all you need do is to grow each one by 15% and your profits will double. 

That’s it. 

Five things - 15% each.

Each F5 module will show you a whole suite of relatively simple, specific tactics and strategies for increasing each business area by 15%, 50%, or even more!

  • You will have an offer that prospects can’t refuse - the kind that makes you both win… but your customers win so much, they keep on coming back for more.
  • You will achieve rapid and massive growth in revenues and profits so that your business can easily double, if not triple once we implement everything.
  • In fact, your business will scale sufficiently to afford endless customer acquisition. This means that your business can finally work for you - no more working in your business!
  • And once this happens, you’ll have plenty of time to spend on fun. Whether that’s family, travel, hobbies, sports, or ‘mad scientist’ inventions…

At the end of the day, the end goal of any founder/ entrepreneur is to cash in on their projects. Whether that’s in currency, or the deep satisfaction of bringing good change to the world. 

Whichever one it is, the Formula 5 program is designed from the ground up to get you to that point as quickly as possible.

With Formula 5, You Get Immediate Access to:

  • All [number] training videos delivered in a membership site to watch at your convenience
  • Bite-sized, on-the-go versions of the training, so you can listen at the gym, in the car - wherever you want
  • All the tools, forms, and worksheets you need to execute fast.
  • Printed and PDF transcripts of the recordings

You’ll also get: 

  • Weekly Q & A calls with me or one of my coaches based on submitted questions
  • 1-on-1 Coaching to discuss stuff that can’t or shouldn’t be handled on group Q&A calls (my team makes the decision on this)
  • Membership in the Formula 5 Private Mastermind Group, where you’ll be able to discuss, brainstorm, learn and get support from other members - many of them have already put our program through its paces, and have insights on how it works in their specific industries.
  • 12 weeks of access to my $100k/yr Live Coaching program, which in addition to the mastermind gives you direct access to me, so I can support your growth and make absolutely certain that you turn a profit

Formula 5 contains Plug-In & Get Paid strategies that can be set up in just a few minutes to start generating EXTRA Profit almost immediately.

There are Five Focus Areas with multiple modules in each area: 

1. Lead Landslide

a. Lead generation

2. Margin Magnifier

a. Differentiation
b. Value Creation
c. Pricing

3. Conversion Control

a. Sales conversion

b. Sales process

4. Turbo Thruster

a. Priority management
b. Systemization

5. Sales Stackers 

a. Monetizing existing customers
b. Reactivation
c. Upsells
d. Cross-sells
e. Bundling
f. Re-sells
g. Increasing transaction size

TWO Guarantees To​ Beat One!

Money-in-Your-Pocket Strategic Guarantee - if I tell you what to do, and you do it and it doesn’t work, that’s 100% my fault. I’m going to give you your money back on the spot in that case. For the first 30 days of this program, I WANT you to be testing, trying, prodding, and poking. It’s FINE if you need some time to start trusting me. (As long as you’ve read the testimonials, of course - no laziness allowed.)

Stop Watching Guarantee - there are over 3 dozen ‘levers’ you can pull in your business, and you MUST pull at least some of them to be successful. When you encounter the FIRST lever that works for your business, I INSIST that you stop watching and GO PULL THE LEVER. If you use this approach in this program, you WILL make money - guaranteed or your money back.

Formula 5 contains Plug-In & Get Paid strategies that can be set up in just a few minutes to start generating EXTRA Profit almost immediately.

Check Out These​​​​ Testimonials From Some of Our Happy Clients…

“Here’s what happened: in the first year, training and product sales were up 89% and profits grew 292%. In the second year, with a little more tuning sales went up a total of 122% and overall profits jumped a CRAZY 950%.”

Bob Negan

“Last year I went from wondering if my company was going to make it, to doubling my revenue while working less. Just two months into this year, we have already booked enough work to quadruple our revenues (400% gain) and will double again before the year is out.”

Captain Steven W. Harden

“Paul Lemberg is one of the truly great strategic minds in the business. He takes companies who are fundamentally tactical and turns them into formidable and sophisticated strategic businesses…”

Jay Abraham

“Paul Lemberg is one of two people I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to coach me in my business. The other was Sir Richard Branson.”

Marshall Sylver 

“Paul Lemberg… makes it easy for people to step beyond the hum-drum of doing what’s expected, and transform themselves into something extraordinary. It’s a step-by-step guide to the mindset for rule-breaking and destiny making, and will help readers take control of their business future.”

T. Harv Eker

“Using Paul’s techniques sales results for my Dutch manuals are amazing. I've sold +78.7% compared to last year. I almost can't believe this. I've added 37.5% to my bottom-line!”

Jan Heering

“My profits increased 36% in a down economy and a competitive market and much of that is due to following your system.”

Gregory Jay White

“Conversions went from a pretty average 2-3% to 8-15%. Turnover has increased by a little over 250%, and net profit has gone up by about 275% Last year we did $170k, this year, based on the changes we made with Paul’s help, we should do around $500k. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

A.J. Silvers

“As a result of applying your coaching and methodology to systemizing our sales process we tripled the effectiveness of our sales force and expanded the business from $6,000,000 to a run-rate exceeding $18,000,000!” 

John Stetter

Formula 5 has ONE purpose:

To attract hundreds of thousands more dollarsto your bottom line without spending 2 hours a day.

If you follow the Step-By-Step System, Formula 5 will:

  • Flood your business with more Traffic (or leads if you’re offline)
  • Skyrocket your website conversion & sales closing rates for both new & old leads
  • Carve out a blueprint to get your customers to gratefully buy up-sells, post-sells, resells, cross-sells, pre-sells, and back-end offers.
  • Increase Your Take Home Profits & size of each sale (without cutting expenses)
  • Give you the time and energy you need to do the above, and enjoy it!

What Effect Will Formula 5 Have on My Business?

WARNING: This is probably going to come across the wrong way…

This System is NOT designed to be a "learning experience" for you.

Formula 5 has ONE simple purpose:  to get you to ACT!

To get you to take specific, simple actions that will attract thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your business.

Oh, don’t worry... you will learn, but that’s not the priority. It’s a side benefit.

Forget teaching you how to catch fish one at a time – Formula 5 guides you step-by-step to get fish by the thousands to eagerly jump into your boat!

Each Formula 5 module contains dozens of recipes for performance that require only one commitment from you - follow the simple directions.You’ll never get lost, or wonder what you should be doing next. It’s all logically and intuitively laid out to maximize ACTION and minimize waste.

Each Action Block has been fully tested, and for the last 15 years, I have used these comprehensive techniques to create...

an Extra $450,000,000 for
my small business clients.

(You read that right, 450 Million Dollars!)

Are You Sure This Will Work in My Industry?

The Formula 5 material has been used by thousands of people. It has been tested, proven, and used in over 100 industries.

62.8% of All Businesses Fail Within Five Years...

93% of All Formula 5 Clients Make More Money in the First 45 Days.

93% of All Formula 5 Clients Make More Money in the First 45 Days.

  • Stuck in your own ideas of how your business will succeed,
  • Value the safety of what you already know more than an additional $200k a year,
  • Don’t mind working in your business, rather than it working for you,
  • Your business isn’t yet making over $85,000 per year...

We won’t be able to help you. But if you’re ready to take a step forward and…

  • Increase your profit margins while securing sales and protecting your leads from your competition,
  • Raise your prices (and profit margins) while getting MORE customers,
  • Hire and retain great employees, and create time to implement new ideas, grow your business, and meet your revenue goals.

You see, the Formula 5 program is brilliant - you don’t have to be. It’s been proven and tested in over 100 industries. And all it takes is a 15% improvement in 5 parts of your business… to double or triple your revenue.

Click here right now to schedule a strategy call with us. And when you do…

  • We’ll see if we’re a good fit, and if we can help you reach your business goals.
  • You’ll get an insight into how we work, and how we go about implementing these critical systems and processes into existing businesses.
  • You’ll get a clear picture of the results you can expect for your business - everyone’s different, and we really care to be truthful and honest about what we can and can’t do.

Then if you decide you want to work with us, you’ll get the ENTIRE Formula 5 Program:

  • Training videos that will guide you through the steps, and on-the-go bite-sized versions, so you can make fast progress regardless of how busy you are.
  • Printed and PDF transcripts, if you prefer reading.
  • All the tools, forms and worksheets you need to execute fast - simply by following the steps.

It’s as easy as business ever gets!

And if you schedule today, you’ll get a whole stack of freebies:

  • 1-on-1 coaching for things you can’t or shouldn’t be discussed in a group setting, to ensure you’re making as much progress as possible, and nail the goals you set.
  • And 12 weeks of FREE access to my $100k/yr Live Coaching program, which gives you direct access to me, so you get my full support in turning a profit.

Spots for each of these are limited, and we’re giving them out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Schedule today to see if you’re still eligible!